Residential Conveyancing

The property market is constantly changing and so are our Clients and their needs. We are at the forefront of adapting with the times and meeting the challenges our Clients face.

We are skilled in providing a specialist residential conveyancing service for both freehold and leasehold properties in the Docklands area, London and throughout England and Wales whether it is your home purchase/sale, buy to let, investment or your business premises. Whether you are purchasing/selling on your own, with your spouse, partner, family member or business associate or any combination of those, or your property is new or old, in the city or country, registered or unregistered we have the knowledge and expertise to advise you and meet your specific individual needs.

First time buyers coming to us can be assured of the support they need throughout their transaction. We spend time explaining all aspects of the purchase and the implications of property ownership. We can advise not only on the technical aspects of the purchase and sale process but also on ancillary matters such as mortgages, surveys and lease extensions.

If we are to be instructed on the sale or purchase then initially we would require the following information:

  • Your full name and address and contact point including telephone numbers and email addresses.
  • Details of the proposed transaction, including property address, price and mortgage lender (if any)
  • Details of the name and address of the seller or purchaser or estate agents involved, (if there are agents) or alternatively details of the solicitor acting for the other party in the transaction.

Upon receipt of this information we will send you electronically, or otherwise a quote for our fees and disbursements followed by a letter of engagement setting out our terms of business with you, together with forms of questionnaire for you to fill out in order for the transaction to proceed. All this documentation will be self-explanatory.

If you wish to instruct us ON-LINE, please email the above information to and we will respond with a quote. Alternatively, use our online form.

Commercial Property

We act for Banks, Building Societies, and listed property companies. We place considerable emphasis on provision of a swift yet comprehensive investigation of any prospective security. The requirements of commercial lenders are becoming more stringent and we will deal with their conditions in an efficient and swift manner so that you can then get on with putting into practice your business plan.

Property law is constantly evolving and we keep abreast of changes so that we can make sure our client’s are properly advised on all implications of a transaction.

Our focus is progressive, we recognise that your business does not stand still and that your challenges require swift and effective solutions, which our experts can offer you. Why not call us to find out how we can compliment your business.